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October 16, 2014Journal of Financial Planning Managed FuturesRead More
July 23, 2014Understanding Alternative Investments gets Released!Read More
June 10, 2014New Book Release Understanding Alternative Investments July 1, 2014Read More
August 10, 2013160 of the Best Business Schools in the World Add Alternative Investment BookRead More
May 7, 2013Author Lands Deal with Macmillan Palgrave for New Finance Book Read More
April 10, Market Week ReportRead More
March 21, 2013Author Signs Up With Famous Book Agent John Willig, Literary Services Inc.Read More
October 17, 2012Pennsylvania State University, Lecture on New Venture Creation Read More
October 17, 2012Pennsylvania State University, Lecture on New Venture Creation Read More
September 1, 2012Journal of Financial Planning, Riding the Right Wave with Managed FuturesRead More
April 5, 2012The American College Alternative Investments Read More
April 5, 2012The Wealth Channel, April 5, 2012
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April 2, 2012Wikipedia Adds Wave Theory for Alternative Investments to Hedge Fund DefinitionRead More
March 30, 2012Accounting Today Features Wave Theory for Alternative InvestmentsRead More
March 15, 2012Wikipedia Adds Wave Theory for Alternative Investments for Soros Hedge FundRead More
March 6, 2012Philadelphia Securities Association at The Union League, March 6, 2012Read More
January 25, 2012Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Behavioral Finance Lecture at Huntsman Hall
January 23, 2012IndexUniverse The Largest ETF Conference in the World, Hollywood, Florida
November 1, 2011Real Estate: A Time to Buy?Read More
October 25, 2011Venture capital's quiet 'comeback'Read More
October 11, 2011The Alternative Wave Theory-- Catching up With Stephen Todd Walker Read More
October 11, 2011The Lowdown on Buying and Selling SilverRead More
October 9, 2011Stephen Todd Walker Alternative Investments for High Net Worth InvestorsRead More
October 7, 2011The Alternative Wave Theory - Catching Up With Stephen Todd WalkerRead More
September 28, 2011CDTV.Net Investment Strategies featuring Read More
July 28, 2011Library Hour- Royal Oak Lecture Series at The Union League, Philadelphia
July 12, 2011Featured Speaker at Barron's Winner's Circle, Washington, D.C
June 20, 2011Unstable ConditionRead More
June 2, 2011Stephen Todd Walker in Fund StrategyRead More
May 29, 2011Book Review Wave Theory for Alternative Investments By Dr. Joseph S. MarescaRead More
May 29, 2011BNN May 26, 2011 VancouverRead More
May 26, 2011Key Note Speaker CVCA Annual Conference - May 25-27, 2011 Vancouver, BC Read More
May 26, 2011Venture Capital and Social Media
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May 25, 2011Key Note Speaker for CVCA, the largest venture capital and private equity conference in the world. Vancouver, Canada
May 23, 2011CVCA 2011Read More
May 23, 2011CVCA Annual ConferenceRead More
May 23, 2011CVCA Keynote Speaker BIORead More
May 4, 2011Featured Speaker. iGlobal Forum. 2nd Annual Alternative Investments Summit. New York City, NY
April 27, 2011Exclusive: Facebook investors look for exitsRead More
April 27, 2011Exclusive: Facebook investors look for exitsRead More
April 21, 2011Hybrid Hedge Portfolio
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April 18, 2011Money Matters Radio
April 11, 2011Michael Smerconish
March 17, 2011Equity Strategies
March 13, 2011Presenter. Pensions and Investments Defined Contribution Conference. Miami, Florida
February 21, 2011A Few Notes on Wave Theory for Alternative InvestmentsRead More
February 14, 2011Amazon Customer ReviewsRead More
February 5, 2011Barron's Commodities CornerRead More
February 5, 2011Prices Reach the Danger LevelRead More
February 2, 2011Stephen Todd Walker on Business DayRead More
February 2, 2011Wave Theory & Alternative Investments
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January 10, 2011New Book on Alternative Investments from McGraw Hill Hits BookstoreRead More
January 10, interviews Todd Walker for an update on precious metalsRead More
January 7, 2011Why Gold Prices Will Correct
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December 27, 2010Stephen Todd Walker discusses Alternative Investing
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December 17, 2010Opportunities for Alternatives in 2011
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December 17, 2010Gold Riding High… For Now
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October 25, 2010Philadelphia Inquirer features Stephen Todd Walker in their Philly Deals ColumnRead More
October 15, 2010Stephen Todd Walker Joins Oppenheimer’s Philadelphia's BranchRead More
September 23, 2010McGraw-Hill Professional Announces ‘Wave Theory for Alternative Investments’Read More
January 1, 2010Book of Lists 2009Read More
February 9, 20092009 Barron's Top 1000Read More
October 16, 2008Morgan Stanley “Best of Best” Wealth Advisors Press ReleaseRead More
October 3, 2008Winner's Circle - Top 25 Advisors of NJ and PARead More
October 3, 2008Philadelphia Business Journal Winner's CircleRead More
February 16, 2006Charities and Community InvolvementRead More
April 8, 2005Philadelphia Business Journal’s 40 Under FortyRead More

College and University Libraries

 Michigan State UniversityRead More
 The New York Institute of FinanceRead More
 The University of MelbourneRead More
 St. Mary's UniversityRead More
 MITRead More
 Washington University in St. LouisRead More
 Prasetiya Mulya, IndonesiaRead More
 Illinois Institute of TechnologyRead More
 Miami University LibrariesRead More
 University of Northern IowaRead More
 Drexel University Libraries adds Wave Theory for Alternative InvestmentsRead More
 Oakland UniversityRead More
 Johns Hopkins University Read More
 WhartonRead More
 Illinois Institute of TechnologyRead More
 William & MaryRead More

Wave Writers: Look Who is Following the Wave

May 27, 2014Hedge Funds Don't Live Up to Their BillingRead More
August 3, 2013The IPO Market’s Baby BoomletRead More
July 12, 2013The New Wave of IPOs Read More
July 11, 2013Buttonwood: A New Hope Read More
July 6, 2013Cable’s Next Consolidation Wave? Read More
July 1, 2013Message from the President Read More
June 28, 2013On the Whole, Gold Took Its Lumps Read More
June 28, 2013Gold Could Still Have Further to Fall Read More
June 26, 2013Gold Falls to Near Three-Year Low Read More
June 26, 2013Gold ETFs Melt to New Lows Read More
June 20, 2013Gold Takes a Plunge Below $1,300 Read More
June 10, 2013To Better Catch Waves, a Surfer Hits Land Read More
June 6, 2013Free Exchange: Shocks and OresRead More
May 30, 2013Innovation: Tsunami Barrier Read More
May 30, 2013Correlations: India’s Gold Grab Read More
May 27, 2013Flippers Ride Housing Wave Read More
May 17, 2013Gold’s Selloff Deepens As U.S. Picture Improves Read More
May 15, 2013Gold Falls Below $1,400 On Soft Inflation Data Read More
May 15, 2013Gold Breaks $1,400 Per Ounce Read More
May 9, 2013The Function of Waves Read More
May 8, 2013The Mainstreaming of Alternative InvestmentsRead More
April 28, 2013Gold Rally May Lose Steam Read More
April 22, 2013A Vein of Hope for Gold Miners Read More
April 22, 2013Is Gold Near a Bottom? Read More
April 20, 2013A Deflationary Wave Read More
April 19, 2013The great Gold Divide: Which Side Are You On? Read More
April 17, 2013Gold Buyers Jump as Prices Plummet Read More
April 16, 2013Gold Prices Crash on Weaker Growth in China’s Economy Read More
April 16, 2013History Shows Plunging Price of Gold Really a Good Thing Read More
April 1, 2013In Sandy’s Wake, a Wave of Investments Read More
March 18, 2013The Next Wave Read More
February 18, 2013Pruning Investment Dangers Read More
January 25, 2013Gold Bulls Are Holding On Read More
January 23, 2013With Gold, Don’t Go With the FlowRead More
January 12, 2013Showing All That Glitters Read More
December 29, 2012The Long and Short of Waves Read More
December 22, 2012Going Nowhere FastRead More
December 20, 2012The Commodity WaveRead More
December 11, 2012Tide Changes for Manufactured HousingRead More
December 7, 2012IBD's Take On Timing The Market: Part One Of A SeriesRead More
December 6, 2012The Foreclosure Wave That Wasn’tRead More
December 5, 2012Trying to Calculate the Cost of UncertaintyRead More
December 3, 2012Crowdfunding Is About to Get More CrowdedRead More
November 30, 2012Firm’s Water Treatment Technology Catches WaveRead More
November 23, 2012Is It Value’s Turn to Shine?Read More
November 21, 2012Firms Boost Alternative Investments on Client DemandRead More
November 12, 2012DeMark Fibonacci Charts Embraced by Cohen Lure InvestorsRead More
November 3, 2012Lake MonstersRead More
November 1, 2012Dow Rallies 136 PointsRead More
October 31, 2012Questions Cloud Market ReopeningRead More
October 26, 2012Is It Prime Time for Event Driven ETPsRead More
October 17, 2012Pandit is Forced Out at CitiRead More
October 11, 2012The 848-page financial firewallRead More
October 8, 2012Activist Investor Sends Ripples to Make WavesRead More
September 20, 2012Surfing the Yield Curve for Fun and ProfitRead More
September 13, 2012It May Be Too Late to Ride the QE3 WaveRead More
July 25, 2012Sandy Weill Regrets Breaking GlassRead More
July 25, 2012Sandy Weil Regrets Breaking GlassRead More
July 10, 2012Homebuilders Beef Up on Cash to Gird for Next WaveRead More
July 8, 2012Jail Shift Makes Waves in CaliforniaRead More
June 27, 2012Is Gold In Trouble?Read More
June 21, 2012Cabot-Norit Deal Signals Chemicals M&A WaveRead More
June 21, 2012Cabot-Norit Deal Signals Chemicals M&A WaveRead More
June 8, 2012Big U.S. Banks Brace for DowngradesRead More
June 7, 2012American College Retirement Income WaveRead More
June 2, 2012What a Sound IdeaRead More
May 19, 2012Free Exchange: Surf’s UpRead More
May 19, 2012Surf’s UpRead More
May 17, 2012Photo-Op: Wave TheoryRead More
May 11, 2012Next Wave of Health Care Tech Drawing InvestorsRead More
May 4, 2012Photo-op: Wave TheoryRead More
May 1, 2012BofA to Cut from Elite RanksRead More
April 30, 2012Companies Make Web Waves by Engaging their Brand FansRead More
April 10, 2012Making Waves Against ‘Whale’Read More
April 2, 2012In the Wake of Groupon Issues, Critics Wary of JOBS ActRead More
March 31, 2012America's JOBS Act Uncuffing CapitalismRead More
March 31, 2012America’s JOBS Act: Uncuffing CapitalismRead More
March 17, 2012Surf Economics: Beach RushRead More
March 16, 2012Scrap Over Easing IPO RulesRead More
March 16, 2012Scrap Over Easing IPO RulesRead More
March 15, 2012Scrap Over Easing Ipo RulesRead More
February 9, 2012Mendocino County, the laid-back land of mananaRead More
February 9, 2012Mendocino County, the Laid-back Land of MañanaRead More
February 1, 2012Get Smart Everyday techonology funded by the CIARead More
February 1, 2012Get Smart: Everyday Technology Funded by the CIA Read More
January 9, 2012Stocks or Bonds? The Pros Say...Read More
January 9, 2012Stocks or Bonds? the Pros Say…Read More
December 25, 2011In 2011, Twitter leaped into actionRead More
December 25, 2011Santa embraces new mediaRead More
December 20, 2011Pre-IPO Investors Are Not Supposed To Lose Money. Fix That, Morgan Stanley.Read More
December 20, 2011WHOOPS: Morgan Stanley Blew Up Its Own Mutual Fund Investors In ZyngaRead More
December 20, 2011Princely Value for TwitterRead More
December 20, 2011Twitter's Fit for a Prince Read More
December 19, 2011Two Ways for Banks to Win With I.P.O.’sRead More
December 17, 2011The Company that ruled the wavesRead More
December 17, 2011IPOs Flummox InvestorsRead More
December 17, 2011Zynga IPO Fizzles as Stock Falls 5%Read More
December 13, 2011Facebook's $10 Billion QuestionRead More
December 13, 2011Gold Drops to a Seven-Week Low Read More
December 3, 2011When Gold Buyers OverpayRead More
December 3, 2011Excitement Heats for Facebook IPO Even as LinkedIn and Groupon Cool Read More
December 2, 2011Zynga Proposed Price Would Leave Funds UnderwaterRead More
November 24, 2011Stealth Mode: CIA’s Venture Capital Arm Investing with Local CompaniesRead More
November 10, 2011Know The Three-Waves Rule In Bear Market DeclinesRead More
November 2, 2011SecondMarket Gets Its Own FundingRead More
October 30, 2011The New Wave of Active ETFsRead More
October 30, 2011A Merger Wave Hitting Health CareRead More
October 24, 2011The Next Wave of Health-Care MergersRead More
October 24, 2011The Next Wave of Health-Care MergersRead More
October 4, 2011Execs Say L.A. 'Silicon Beach' Ready To Make WavesRead More
October 3, 2011Alternatives All the RageRead More
October 3, 2011Gold—The Fear IndexRead More
September 26, 2011IRA ReduxRead More
September 8, 2011Hybrid Funds Boost FlowsRead More
August 24, 2011“Gold Shoots Above $1800,” WSJ, p. C9, August 19, 2011Read More
August 24, 2011“Barrick Gold Riding the Wave in Bullion,” IBD, p. B2, August 22, 2011Read More
August 24, 2011“Hotelier Geller Again Rides a Wave,” WSJ, p. C6, August 17, 2011Read More
August 18, 2011Major Investor CalPERS Rides out Big Waves in Markets With Calm ApproachRead More
July 18, 2011You Call This A Bubble?Read More
July 9, 2011The Little Guy’s Guide to the IPO FrenzyRead More
July 8, 2011As Web IPOs Hit, Few Share SpoilsRead More
June 29, 2011Tech IPOs Test Sky-High ValuesRead More
June 25, 2011For Private Equity Clients, Worries Over Public ListingRead More
June 20, 2011IPO ignites ‘Pandora effect’ in OaklandRead More
June 3, 2011All 'Commodities' Aren't Equal Read More
June 3, 2011All ‘Commodities’ Aren’t Created EqualRead More
June 2, 2011The great waveRead More
May 28, 2011Hedge Funds for You and Me: Murray ColemanRead More
May 28, 2011India in Africa: Catching UpRead More
May 27, 2011New York Start-Ups Ride Tech BoomRead More
May 27, 2011New York Start-Ups Ride Tech BoomRead More
May 26, 2011India in Africa Catching UpRead More
May 19, 2011Riding the Oprah Wave, Ready or NotRead More
May 7, 2011How to Surf the Silver Plunge: James B. StewartRead More
May 2, 2011For Some Materials, What Goes Up...: Liam PlevenRead More
April 29, 2011Learn How to Gauge the Market’s DirectionRead More
April 28, 2011No Silver Lining Left for Users of the MetalRead More
April 28, 2011The Dollar’s Race to the BottomRead More
April 27, 2011Warning: Are commodities about to crash?: Brett ArendsRead More
April 27, 2011VC firm Accel Partners rides social media wave: Ari LevyRead More
April 27, 2011Stock or Gold? Newmont Adds New WrinkleRead More
April 26, 2011Commodity Bets Draw Debate: Deborah SolomonRead More
April 25, 2011Commodities May Swing as Fed Steps AsideRead More
April 22, 2011VC activity rebounding nationally and locally: Galen MooreRead More
April 11, 2011Why the Gold Standard Still Matters Today: Nathan LewisRead More
March 30, 2011Mixed Up on the Right Asset Mix: Reshma KapadiaRead More
March 25, 2011Private Trading Heats up for Bay Area Companies: Mark CalveyRead More
March 22, 2011Access To Public Capital Markets For Small Companies: Kate MitchellRead More
March 1, 2011China's Inflation Fears: J. Alex TarquinioRead More
February 22, 2011Getting Phyical: Emily LambertRead More
February 1, 2011How Gold Got Hot: Cam SimpsonRead More
February 1, 2011Resist the Charms of Gold: Janice RevellRead More
January 29, 2011Hedge-Fund Clones Attack: Tom SullivanRead More
January 28, 2011Trader Racks Up a Second Epic Gain: Gregory ZuckermanRead More
January 18, 2011Look for Skin in the Game: Chuck JaffeRead More
January 15, 2011Catching Up to Equities: Hedge Funds in Bloom: Matt BarthelRead More
Alternative investments such as venture capital have increasingly played a crucial role with prudent asset allocation. Fantastic book for understanding not just venture capital but the whole spectrum of alternative investments.
-Jim Lim, General Partner, Greenspring Associates